John Elliott


I’m a software engineer in Seattle. I like building things and connecting people. Since 2022 I’ve been volunteering and serving as a board member of Seattle Community Network providing underserved communities around Seattle internet access. From 2016-2021 I worked revitalizing and rebuilding I was an engineer at a 3D event planning SASS startup after being a mechanical engineer working with nuclear submarines.

Find me on LinkedIn or the SCN Discord

Latest posts

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Fun Projects

❄️ alpicoold HomeKit bridge for Bluetooth refrigerator, 2021
🕹 Go-SBUS SBUS digital servo protocol for Go, 2020
Website for a creative agency, 2019
Website for music label, 2018
🎤 raspi-livestream-box Pocketable headless Icecast source, 2017
👁 Rapidly share images from a digital camera, 2017
Like Tinder, but for brunch, 2016
Vehicle traffic counter, 2015